Storytelling Week 6

Published on Feb 18, 2019

I was able to tell the same 7-minute story from last week (about how I had to eat alone at a fancy restaurant) with the feedback that I received after class. I added some inner thoughts at the beginning of the story and took out some details that were not necessary for the overall message. 

The timing of the story was on the dot at 6:59 minutes. Overall, the story was more refined and flowed well. If I were to tell the story again, I need to describe the location at the beginning of the story otherwise, the audience already made up the world and describing the location afterward shatters their thinking leading to less trust. 

Things to keep in mind while telling a story: list of characters, list of locations, events or circumstances, why is it important to me? and why is the story relatable?.

For next week, we need to prepare a 10-minute new story. I already started preparing the beats for the story but I am going to script it out and try a new format. Hopefully, scripting the story doesn't lead to fewer expressions and doesn't come off as I am reading from paper.