Published on Dec 7, 2018

After stop blogging for a while I been thinking to start again for the past weeks, mainly on all the products I have build and products I going to build, I want to note down somewhere. I want to keep myself motivated to continue writing and log down all these changes.

I been thinking and try out quite a few solutions, WordPress, Headless CMS, static blog, publiic, none of these really meet my own need, Dayone should be something really meet my requirement but there is no way to extract out from their wall garden, I almost end up using Twitter, since I really admire how started this product blog about carrd totally on twitter.

In the end, I choose here because of a few reasons, it's built by maker, so I guess it really suitable to use it as a maker log. It set a daily target for you, which is pop out 200 words daily, a small step that easier to achieve and of course, the chart that allows you to keep track your daily streak.

For sure come out with 200words is easy, the difficult part is you going to doing daily, for now, I just hope I can continue this for 1week, that's my target.