Slime | Switch Hitter -- pt 11

Published on Sep 2, 2019

The burly police officer looked at a smiling picture of a little girl holding up  a red colored gooey slime up in front of her face. 

< Thanks! DAD!!! >

Finally. The package had arrive. The police officer hadn't bought anything online that wasn't from Amazon in years. But the obscure website had offered 3-5 day shipping, which wasn't the two day shipping he was used to, but it wasn't bad. The only thing was that he didn't trust it. When Amazon said something would arrive by Tuesday, it arrived by Tuesday. He couldn't expect the same with some small vendor online, he had thought. He incessantly tracked the UPS progress dashboard to make sure that it was still on course. Still slated to arrive before his daughter's birthday. And thankfully it had, with two days to spare.

He wouldn't be able to be there be there at the 'actual' party later in the week, but he had made it up to her by getting her the thing she wanted. Slime. Not just a little bit for her, but a lot for the guests invited to the party. It would be a slime party. He didn't get such things, but so long as it made his girl happy, or at least not resent the fact that duty came before her birthday he was okay with it.

He returned the phone into his pocket and looked up to find a nervous, skinny, young man.

"Son, I thought I told you to--"

"Sir. They asked me to come here. They couldn't reach you... They didn't know what to do."

Fuck the officer thought. He already knew. But he still waited for the nurse to tell him.

"The patient. And the woman who was with him. They left the hospital."

You mean escaped? thought the officer. He pulled open the heavy door to check inside the room once more, before taking out his radio and walking down the hall in hurried steps.