Road to Vietnam

Published on Jun 1, 2019

That's it. Tomorrow, I'm back on the road again. I've been using and abusing my parents' hospitality for three months, it's time to take off again.

I'm off to Vietnam with my parents and my brother. We go through Bordeaux then Paris by train. We catch a flight from Charles de Gaulle's airport and stop for a few hours in Kunming before arriving in Vietnam. Two days all in all.

My mom boards a plane for the first time, in her mid-60s. You gotta start somewhere.

It's also the first time I'm nomading with my family - working remotely while traveling.

All we know is we are going to stay for three months in the country, including Hanoï in June. We want to move across the country but nothing is planned, that's just how we travel - guided by the wind.

We are renting an Airbnb in central Hanoï for $480, $120 per person for a month in a nice studio. The transportation from my hometown to Vietnam is about $447 for one way. A ticket often is the biggest barrier to full-time travel, but the living costs quickly make up for it when you stay long enough.

In Septembre, I will stay a few weeks in France to get some administrative tasks done. Then I will spend the autumn in a warm country.

Excited to wander again.