Remember my voice? | Switch Hitter -- pt 10

Published on Aug 25, 2019

When they returned to the cabin Harry changed into shorts that were too short for him, and a t shirt that was too wide. He looked like a proper dad who no longer concerned himself over style. The shirt had a picture of a fat man on a inflatable tube sipping a cocktail.

"You'll fit right in." Zara laughed. She said she had to go, but that she'd return with food and some clothes that actually fit him. "Try to relax. Go out on the lake."

After she left, Harry sat down for a minute on a couch. And then he transitioned into laying down. And then his eyes closed.

When he woke up, he was struck by a sense of loneliness. This dark cottage felt sad and small now that he was alone in it. He thought of the last thing Zara said and decided that he would follow her advice.

Once outside, he immediately shielded his eyes. It was so much brighter than he imagined before stepping out. It must've still been early in the day. He stepped down the hill slow in the aloha flip flops that Zara threw at him. There was a rickety wood paneled dock, and tied to it was a stained silver canoe. 

Harry studied it for a moment before walking back up the hill and checking in the shed. About five minutes later he was back down the hill holding a bright colored kayak.


"You remember my voice?"

Rooney was about to respond when the other woman said.

"Then you also remember what I said before? I won't say it again. This will be quick." 

Rooney did as the voice on the line said and listened carefully as the other woman spoke at a normal speed, but with an audacious air. 

"Now. We'll be keeping in touch, Rooney." the voice said before the line clicked dead.

Several hours later Pajack woke up. The first thing he noticed was the television in the corner. In his dreams he had been hearing a distance voice repeating over and over again. He had been trying to find the source of it. He'd been traveling for ages to find it. It felt like ages... so long that he had forgotten this world existed.

Where was he? Earth. Westcity. Fuck. Hospital? And then a lady came over. It was a lady. Too young to be called a woman. But too old to be called a girl? 

"Pajack? You're awake!"

He knew who she was. Yes. Rooney. That's who she was. Rooney.

It took a moment for Pajack to get out of his haze. To finally be able to think straight and actually communicate instead of murmur sounds. But once he came to, he quickly removed all the tubes and wires off of him and stood up out of bed.

"What the hell are we doing here? Where the fuck are we?"

Rooney thought about what the woman had told her. And then she thought about what her gut was telling her. 

"Come on. Follow me. I can't explain now, but we need to go right now."

Pajack looked in disbelief. Maybe he was still not thinking one hundred percent. Because he followed her out the heavy door.