Published on Nov 22, 2018

Alright, a little introduction about myself. Age 26, full stack developer, loves to build the web but not really a reader nor a writer. 

With this 200 words a day platform, hopefully I could start to love reading and writing. As many had said, writing is actually a journey of your life. By doing so, I will eventually benefit myself in the future as I could indirectly turn back time by reading my this journey.

Definitely many knowledge to gain from this daily challenge. Especially by improving my grammars ?

With all that said, as from this day, I've joined Product Hunt's Maker Festival. I will be building a platform to validate ideas and features by creating polls. Honestly, I do hope I could finish it before the festival ends.

My full-time job is actually holding a lot of my time back. Many to be done at work and time is limited. Which is why I'm building this in public that could keep the pressure high to keep me going. You can check out the the thread here. Will be posting updates frequently. Also follow me on twitter @wernminlim on more of my nonsense ?

This is it, finally 200+ words completed for today.