On modern data collection

Published on Sep 15, 2020

Yesterday I watched Netflix's newest documentary, 'The Social Dilemma', it was pointed out by many in my other social feeds as a revealing piece, however, for those of us that work in tech and know basics of app tracking, I found nothing new.

As usual it dramatised productisation of user data and pointed to extreme examples such as the impact of Facebook on elections like the one in the US. It briefly described a bit machine learning algorithms and AI to inform that many of the developers working in these algorithms don't really know details of what it can do.

All of this has been discussed to death already, there wasn't even any mentions of TikTok's data collection and how that is influenced by Chinese politics, very little data on the efforts of recent changes to mobile OSes social wellbeing, or even any benefits of these system's that are enabling several small businesses to thrive as well as their concerning dependency on these platforms.

All in all, it was a catchy documentary made in a format already used by other Netflix originals, but I feel it fell short of so much potential to explore so many facets of modern data collection.