Moving (again)

Published on Jan 11, 2019

I wrote about Moving in my yesterday's post and today's topic will still be the same, Moving again! As I have mentioned in the that other Moving post, this topic is very broad that it could mean a lot.

For today, I will be writing about 'literally moving' as in physically moving around. Ever since this New Year, I have been trying my best to be physically fit. As of today, this attempt is moving smoothly. I have been going for at least an hour run around the park every morning.

I used Google Fit app to track my activities. There are a lot better apps out there such as Strava, Nike Run and many more but I am using Google Fit because of how it makes me want to run if not walk more. Just leaving your GPS on on your device and it will do the rest of the job without you opening the app which is one of the best feature. One of the other features that I love is the total number of moves per minute. I used the default 60 moves per minute as my default daily target. I will just have to keep moving for 60 minutes within the whole day to achieve that goal. The other feature is Heart Rate points. Every run gives 2 points per minute and every walk gives 1 point per minute. It is like playing a game, to gain points to make sure your heart is in a good condition. Also using this app will accumulate the number of steps or distance walked which will be transferable to Pokemon Go to hatch eggs easily which is indirectly another pros.