Meditation FOMO

Published on Aug 10, 2019

As soon as I sit down to meditate my brain immediately wants out. In the first five to ten minutes it will do absolutely anything to get out of this hell we call silence. Isn't it funny though, that such a simple act - sitting still - can bring so  many benefits?

When you think about it, we are an incredibly lazy species. We will do whatever it takes to be comfortable. Our brains end goal in life is just to be safe, well fed, warm and cozy. That's about it. It's weird to think even meditation puts our brain into fight or flight mode, when really it's a time when we are likely the safest (otherwise we wouldn't have the luxury to sit still with our eyes closed).

It's nice to know though, that we can obtain so many mental and health benefits from simple things in life. But therein lies the catch(es): a.) we over-complicate life,  b.) we are lazy, c.) we want instant gratification in everything that we do.

FOMO is real - or is it just a perceived threat that our brains conjure up to ensure we stay as comfy as possible?