Idea: 200 WAD Debates?

Published on Aug 6, 2019

When I started on 200 words a day there used to be a 'topic' of the day or week to help give you something to write about. I liked that. It's no longer around but I would love to see it back. On top of that, I have an idea: how about a debatable topic?

Now, I know this could go awry if done wrong (by that  I mean, people could get aggressive based on their "passion" for a subject). So I don't really know how this should look. But I feel  as though I could say with certainty that it could be kept cordial based on the respectful nature of the 200 wad audience. Everyone on here is so friendly, open and generous.

I think having a topic of the day that is debatable might lead to more engagement, feedback and threaded posts where everyone can participate. It might help us all connect with each other on a deeper level.

Just a thought for now. At a minimum, I say we bring back the topic of the day for starters. It certainly helps me write more with less "blank page" frustration. Having a topic of the day/week is a great kick start.