I no longer want to be just a character

Published on Feb 5, 2019

I was raised to be a sucker. I was raised not as the gamer, but a character the gamer controls. I was raised so because the people who raised me were suckers themselves.

I think so many humans — especially male ones — find video games alluring because they emulate our visceral desire desire for power.

Most individuals have little power. Not just at work, but also in their lives, since one’s livelihood is largely determined by economics. With economic inequality becoming more obvious as the world grows more connected, many are pissed to wake up and open their eyes to see that they are a sucker. And when you’re a sucker you can choose either to accept the truth or you can declare the game a invalid fraud.

I used to do the former. I thought I was cool because I didn’t need things like money to be happy. I did this for so long that I came to forget that I was lying to myself. It’s a recent awakening for me to actually declare honestly, not just to myself but to others in my life, that I no longer want to be a sucker. I want to start playing. I no longer want to be just a character. I want to be the gamer.