I can't wait until my 200WAD deadline

Published on Apr 14, 2019

I reside in the EDT time zone, which is six hours behind Zurich. This means that my 200WAD deadline comes at 6 PM or 18:00 rather than midnight or 00:00.

I think many loathe their deadline approaching. And I think it's because they frame it as a deadline. I know how I write when I frame things as a deadline. I'm anxious, and I rush things. Anything related to detail feels like piece of Lego on the ground I just stepped on.

The opposite of this is when I have a startline. When I'm waiting until six PM to submit something or start writing something, then I can't wait to get started. The Lego pieces on the ground now feel like possibilities -- components to build with -- rather than stumps in the road.

I couldn't wait until six (18) to start writing this. So I write this now, in three minutes before the people who live in this house return from their trip -- I've been dog/cat sitting.

So I publish this to implore you, start using startlines rather than deadlines. Quit dreading having to finish something, and instead look forward to starting it. It will make it easier. And for those stuck in sustaining their streak by writing daily for the pending deadline, just let it break and start anew with a startline.