I'll figure it out 

Published on Sep 15, 2020

How can I earn money while doing what I enjoy? How can I make sure I offer what people want and need? How will potential clients hear about my products and services? How do I know what to do next? 

Nobody can tell you. The ones that do, overestimate their knowledge and ability to control the outcomes. The future is and remains unknown. 

There is only one way to answer these questions. And it's: go explore, then try, fail and learn. 

By doing so, you'll figure it out. 

It's how I made 190+k revenue in the first year of my first business. It's how I designed and adapted our learning experiences that over 1100+ people attended. It's how I got on the Forbes 30under30 list and was invited to give a TEDxtalk. 

I didn't plan any of this. I took action. I explored. I tried, failed and learnt. 

How was I able to take action? By believing, NO strike that, by knowing I'll figure it out. 


What questions do you have? Do you want support in exploring them? Let's talk.