How I finally „found my passion“

Published on Jan 28, 2019


To to take this apart: I didn‘t.

And I also kind of did.

Let me explain.

Very shortly before my 28th birthday I finished my masters degree and decided not to get a job.

I kind of, sort of did this „business thing“ every now and then, while at uni.

Basically having all sorts of crazy ideas.

Doing some of them.

With a few tiny successes but mostly just failing and procrastinating.

So at that point I thought:

Ok, so either I go get a job now and then run the risk of „life coming in the way“ and then never starting something on my own or going out and starting something again but then probably just procrastinate most of the time and not get that much done in the end.

So to prevent the procastrination part I want to extreme measures.

I decided to have no social life at all (except for one or two events, just not to gi conpletely crazy), no dates, no going out on weekends and to top it off i locked myself in my parents basement und just sat there in front of my laptop and tried to figure shit out.


That was not fun.

Im nit even sure if it was even the right decision.

But I did it.

With some setious luck and insane amounts of just pure subbornness I started a business with a buddy if mine that totally looked like a long shot but worked out quite well so far.

The thing is, just 3 months ago I was so insanely fed up with my unsocial lifestly, customers always wanting something from me and just having so much fucking work that I actually thought I should quit.

So, this ia ridiculous.

I literally put myself through anti-social hell to come out of it like that?!

It was weird, because I am super proud kf what I accomplished.

Id even say that Im also passionate about the work I do.

But I felt so incredibly wrong and at not the place I wanted to be.

So this again changed since three months, i got used to the work and actually included some social time and now am quite happy with the choices I made.

My point is: The grass is always greener... and so on.

Work is work.

You will never love absolutely everything about it.

You also wont ever hate everything about it.

You will be somewhere in the middle.

And if you want to start a business you should try to do it in something where you end up more on the loving side.

But dont be confused.

There will be more than enough stuff that you will absolutely hate to do.

I feel proud if what I did.

And by getting better at it and getting into positive feedback loops with clients I started to enjoy it more and more.

It also enables me to create my own lifestyle and that gives me a certai  freedom that I wouldnt have gotten anywhere else.

But there are downsides.

Not having a social life was one. Working long hours and working on the weekends is also one. Never having your mind clear, because there are always todos that run through your head is another one.

This has been not so much about finding my passion but about compromise.

Finding your passion always sounds so extremely positively.

Just doing the stuff you love all day.

This is far from reality.

But look for conpromises that you are willing to make in terms of lifestyle, money, profession etc etc.