He met Imogen in Lab

Published on Sep 27, 2019

Imogen was a senior in his intro to programming class. At first she stuck out  because she was one of the few girls in the giant lecture hall, but that novelty wore off quick and he would've forgotten about her if she hand't been in the same lab as him.

There was no way the university would trust these students to do the work required outside of lectures to learn programming. For psychology sure, hold two lectures a week and trust the students to sufficiently read and memorize the content come exam time, but with programming? No way. With such things, the university held 'labs' coached by upperclassmen who'd four pointed the same class previously. Labs was where the actual programming assignments happened.

The upperclassmen in charge of his lab was named Joe. Joe was loud, not in an annoying way. Joe was not only loud with his voice but his values. Joe wouldn't let kids do whatever the hell they wanted. One consequence of this was that students had to pair up with a new person each session. The fourth session was when he had been paired with Imogen. 

"So you're running late too?" Imogen smirked as Joe was beginning his Powerpoint.