Giving it another go

Published on May 23, 2019

Ok, so here is my attempt at getting back to writing 200 words a day (at least) and having it become a habit. The truth is I still need to figure out what to focus on. Specifically which subject, or subjects, to concentrate on. The obvious ones would be my coding experiments or my progress creating apps. Or my journey as a maker. Or my experience as an entrepreneur. What I've learned in the many different phases of my life. Any of those things would be fine. But I am writing in public, so I also need to think about that. How do I make sure that I am producing interesting content and not just adding to the already deafening noise? Or is that approach flawed? Sounds like I am looking for validation before even creating anything. On a personal level, one thing I would really like to be able to improve on, is my ability to not care about what people might think of what I produce. I do not need people (in general) to like me. I'm way past that. Too old for that shit. What I do need, however, is to be creative and find my voice. 

And so I will just go with the flow for a few days, instead of trying to conceptualise everything beforehand. Hopefully it will make sense in the end.

Excessive Self-Consciousness Stifles the Self