Getting into Mike's Party

Published on Sep 24, 2019

By the time he got to Mike's party it was already pitch dark. He remembered how the sky had still been evening amber while driving back to East City with her in the passenger seat. He had dropped her off at her apartment, and while standing in the hallway, he noticed how dark it felt compared to the soft lights from the inside of her living room. 

"Have fun at Mike's." she had said. Or had whispered. 

It was already loud at Mike's even though it was still early. Drink was flowing freely. As the sun disappeared earlier and earlier in these late months, drinking -- more importantly drinking heavily -- felt more condoned at increasingly earlier hours. He knew, because that's what he used to like the most about fall. That was his favorite part even just last year. Now he was a senior. Gee, how did things change so fast, he wondered. 

Seanathan appeared next to him. He was holding a half empty six pack of craft beer up to him as an offering. When he tried opening it Seanthan chuckled and took out a bottle opener attached to his keychain. 

"Thanks, Seanathan."

"I missed you, man. How have things been?" 

He had not come wanting to drink. He hadn't wanted to come at all in fact. But this was one party he couldn't miss. Because this was when his best friend was finally moving back.

"Have you seen him yet?"

"I just got here actually."

"I know that. I mean like yesterday or something."

"Oh. No. I've been very busy actually."


"No. A girl."

"I knew it." Seanathan smirked.

"Then why didn't you say that instead of midterms."

"Well it's not polite to assume someone's engaged into the dating scene."

"You learn that while being an RA."

Seanathan nodded and took a sip of his craft beer. There was a loud cheer coming down the stairs. And the sound of chanting young men. And the feeling of eyeballs and attention being pulled in to the group of guys about to make an entrance.