Focus On What I Am Doing Best

Published on Dec 4, 2018

We are our own author of our life. We should do what is right and best for ourself. 

One of my previous post, I wrote about the best new year resolution, which is not to make any new year resolution. You can read about it more here

I am not saying that it is wrong in doing so. It is fun and exciting to make new year resolution. Believing that all are achievable within the new year but what is the use if we would repeat not achieving that goal? I have always made new year resolution yearly and knowing myself, I have never resolve that resolution.

So if I am not going to make any new year resolution, how am I going to make sure that the new year will be a good year and not another repeated uncompleted year? 

The answer is simple, I will be making sure that the last month of this year, December, will be its best month of this year.

Since it is the last month of the year, all the more that I should focus on what I am doing best so that I could talk about it when new year arrives. By this way, I will be starting my New Year joyfully and with great motivation to move forward.