Five Movies

Published on May 1, 2019

I want to add a Fun Facts section to my website, so how about a list of the five movies I would take with me to a deserted island?

A Fistful of Dollar, by Sergio Leone: Listening to Morricone's music while watching Clint Eastwood playing the part of the unnamed gunslinger anti-hero never fails to reignite my desire for adventure. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly remains the most acclaimed movie of the trilogy - for good reasons - but I'm a big fan of this remake of Kurosawa's Yojimbo.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, by Hayao Miyazaki: Apprenticeship, environmentalism, incredible animation... and the emotional soundtrack of Joe Hisaishi. I don't know which one I prefer between Nausicaä and Porco Rosso, both are so good! This one is definitely ahead of its time in terms of message though.

The Gold Rush, by Charlie Chaplin: A story of love and resilience, mingling comedy and tragedy in a poetic way. Chaplin doesn't even need voices to trigger emotions, everything is already there.

The Mystery of Picasso, by Henri-Georges Clouzot: I mentioned this documentary in my post Bye Bye, Resistance. This work of Clouzot puts the spectator in the shoes of none other than Picasso himself, to observe his creative process. I hate biopic movies/series, they always focus on the love life of the personalities instead of magnifying their genius, but this documentary does exactly the opposite: it's all about the art, the grind, and the artist behind the canvas. The camera techniques and the soundtrack used in the movie to match the paintings are fascinating as well.

The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers, by Peter Jackson: It's not a great trilogy, but I've seen it so many times during my childhood it became a part of me. Those movies are my childhood. The second one always echoed more to me because 1) Gandalf is my favorite fictional character of all time and 2) the siege at the end of the movie always gives me goosebumps. I was so happy when I felt the same vibes in last week's Game of Thrones episode.