Failed Time Management

Published on Dec 6, 2018

During my college period of Computer Science, there was a subject about entrepreneurship. In this subject, there was an assignment that everyone in the class needs to do. We are required to find one feature that is important for every entrepreneur. The research I choose was about "Time Management". Below are the summaries on what I research from what I remembered to manage ones time well.


Create a calendars of to-dos in and printing it on the wall of your work space. The contents should be the main objective of the each day. For an example, 'Create A Landing Page', that's all and break it down into smaller tasks on paper or use an app for that.


The meaning of advance here is if ever you completed any of you day task and there is still time left for the day, just go on and do another task from the next day. By this way, daily task will reduce over time.


This is not literally the alarm clock but it could be anything that would notify you of any upcoming due task. You can make use of technology by downloading apps to keep track of your day task.


The reason I am writing this down as my 200WAD is because of what happened to me today. I was suddenly tired in the afternoon and I went to take a short nap. It was around 1PM when I took my nap. Unexpectedly the next thing I knew, it was already 5PM. I have wasted about 4 hours today dreaming. If only I had that "Alarm" to notify me of my due task, I could have been awaken by it.