Do Not Hesitate To Reject

Published on Dec 10, 2018

There are always this person in a group or a team that has a good kind heart. He would do whatever anyone ask of him. To carry the box someone, to send someone to work, to wait for someone to finish groceries, to teach someone. This person is very kind.

Being kind is nothing wrong, but being too kind has its side effect. People will eventually take the kindness for granted and keep on asking him to do whatever for them. I have been in this situation before. 

In work, I was asked to handle a project which requires certain skill set that I do not have. So, I have to find some time to learn it by myself. In the end it is for my own advantage that I have gain new knowledge by learning. 

After doing this for sometime, I will have to teach someone to take over my part. It is fine with me to teach anyone who wants to learn. In fact, I love teaching people. Sharing knowledges are good, especially knowing that the people actually learned from me.

So, as you can see, there is nothing wrong with that. But the bad side of it will appear once the person keeps on asking you on the 'What and Why' questions. Some are really simple that they could just search online and some are really difficult that even me myself wouldn't know the answer to it. I will still have to 'Google' the answer. Because of me being too kind in this situation, there will be people who will take me for granted like I am their personal 'Google'.

My main mistake here was the way I teach. I shouldn't have given them answers word by word but to teach them on how I actually find the answers. I have now learn to say 'No' too in certain cases. It may seem wrong or unkind, but this is life. We shouldn't spoon feed everyone with answers but teach them the way to find the answers. By this way, they will eventually thank you in the future for showing them the right path.