Diet Coke

Published on Oct 6, 2019

Diet Coke tasted alright. Not the same as regular Coke, but it still tasted enough like it. And there was the fact that after having drunk so many cans of Diet Coke, you started liking it for what it was more than what it was mimicking.

Diet Coke. A sweet beverage that didn't make you fat. Could it be so good without any consequences? 

I put the empty can into a plastic grocery bag in the back seat of the car and got myself another can. This was probably my third can. We were almost there. I would probably have to finish drinking this can. 

We were on our way to the beach. Meeting four friends there. In this car was just Ryan and I along with our many cans of Diet Coke and Diet Cherry Coke. 

When I was a kid, a can of Coke could make my day. Now I gulped back cans of Diet Coke like water and didn't think twice about it. What was it now that could make as big of an impact to me now that I was almost in college. Going to college was something that excited me, but that was more expensive and less accessible than whipping out a can of Coke.

Ryan asked me to grab him a Cherry Diet Coke. I cracked one open and handed him it. He burped before taking a large sip. The weather was nice. Sunny. Dry air. Blue sky.