Chasing Butterflies

Published on Jun 12, 2019

I wrote a post about chasing experiences that give me butterflies

I decided that:

I would like to experience butterflies at the rate of one per week. For a grand total of 40 butterflies for the rest of 2019. 

I have since made an effort to both experience and recall all the times when I succeed in experiencing butterflies.   

Here are some of the things I have done so far....  

1) Participated in a table tennis tournament. 
2) Participated in a Toastmasters debate competition - AND won. 
3) Attended a new advanced toastmasters club
4) Participated in the advanced toastmasters club
5) Attended an in person house auction bid
6) One more thing - that I shall share the details of tomorrow. Definitely a butterfly causing experience. 

The thing I realized about this experiment was that the things that qualified as scary before - are not that difficult anymore.

I noticed that I am more brave.
For things I previously would refused to do, I now say OK. (I tell myself - this can be one of the butterfly experiences)
Most things that scared me before, don't make me panic anymore. 


My goal is about 40 butterfly experiences this year. 
6 down - 34 to go. 

At this rate, this experiment is headed towards success.