Berlin, Berlin

Published on Jan 17, 2019

A #10YearChallenge for writing. A short story from 10 years ago.

This was a story I wrote from my travels maybe a decade ago. I don't even remember when exactly. Names and places had been changed. But every other word remained. 

It's a story from a past life. So long ago in subjective time that it feels like a past life. And my writing voice was so different then. Full of grandeur, idealism, drama, imagery. Oftentimes delusional, dark, and emo. Definitely embarrassing. It's fun to read it now and to laugh at it, and to see how things had panned out after a decade. Now I write code and serious, factual thought pieces (*ahem boring haha). 

The story is past. I have no desire to go back to that time or cling to youth. I actually enjoy growing old(er). But re-reading this, I realised there's some things that I need to go back to -  using my imagination more, feeling more, and daring to hate and love with a vengeance. After all, what's the harm with being dramatic for the fun of it from time to time? ?  

                                                   . . . . . . . . . . . .

Berlin, Berlin

Failings of empty memories, and the fall of grand illusion......we are, after all, creatures of fluid fantasies and dark dreams.

And there we stood, at the threshold of unknown beginnings and poignant endings. 

The imminent goodbyes between us. My heart was up my throat, but a taunt calm swelled over me, wrought from a nervous reluctance of the expected. A million things racing through my mind, but all I could see and hear amongst the stream of thoughts breezing by was a great big nothingness echoing a dull hum. Perhaps this was it? After all, what had been and what will be, is still a vision in shadows. My turn next...... what is to come?

"And'll be in London. So I'll see you again somehow, right?"

"Yeah......we'll meet up again, some time. The coming summer?......"

(To be continued...)