Being tough on new employees

Published on Jan 10, 2019

We have hired our first employee to help out in sales.

Young guy, really motivated, no clue about anything.

Feels like a really good fit.

My partner manages sales, and his style is to be quite tough on the guy.

He's not giving him much positive feedback and frankly there isn't any due, performance wise.

But the guy goes hard.

Stays longer than he needs to, is there earlier than he needs to and really tries to take everything in.

It's definitely my partners style of teaching.

Not sure if it's a great style to teach this specific guy.

I feel he's in a bad mood quite often due to harsh criticisms.

Is this the right way to go about it?

I'm not sure.

My first mentor was ridiculously hard on me and although it didn't seem right in the beginning, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I wonder how much of this depends on the type of person that is taught something.

Or is there always an argument for being hard on someone?

I have friends that run companies and some of them are hard on new employees on purpose.

It's part of the ritual.

If you survive the first couple of months, you're "in".

If you don't, well then you didn't want it anyway.

This does make sense to me at some level.

Motivation and commitment genuinely are the two traits you're looking for in employees.

Skill and talent are quite replaceable.

I'm interested to see this unfolds.

I think my business partner should have the freedom to do it his way.