Barista as Talented Artist

Published on Sep 20, 2019

She was the reason he had a crush on every barista he met. Because of her he thought all baristas... well all the attractive ones were special.

Special how? Talented. But destitute. And nothing attracted him more than a talented, destitute girl with a pretty face and some tattoos. Yes tattoos made a person better. 

People without tattoos were lame. And people with tattoos invisible in everyday clothes were even lamer. But what was he pondering while sitting there washing the acidic coffee around his mouth? Yes. He was thinking a bit her. Baristas. Why he thought at one point they were all the most talented people in the world. And why he no longer thought that way.

Well he knew why he no longer felt that way, but that wasn't important. Wasnt as interesting of a story. So he thought about when baristas were still diamonds in the rough to him. Things were simpler back then. Life made sense. Maybe life was unfair but it made very simple sense. Baristas were talented creatures but the world was sbitty and didnt recognize them. Instead baristas had to tell people they were in school. They would be something better one day. They would be someone more important than just a barista. 

And so why had he thought so highly of baristas? He took a swig of the acidic coffee and thought about that. 

It was because of her.