Barista as Barista

Published on Sep 20, 2019

He stopped going to different cafes once he found his favorite one. He was a one cafe kind of guy. 

Over the years the baristas changed. Old ones left. New ones arrived. At first the new arrivals were welcomed with excitement. It was another talented barista to enter his life. And the new ones were his favorite. They were always the most smiley. The most chipper.

But over time hed catch them on an off day. They wouldnt be as bubbly. And he thought maybe that was just an off day. But the off days became more frequent. Until one day eventually the barista was no longer bubbly.

He would think about their first couple weeks. When they spoke of how much they liked their new job. Until the job became just a job. He continued ordering coffees but he felt some sort of sadness inside.

After many rotations of baristas he grew to like a different breed of baristas more. The type who was disillusioned but didnt take their disillusionment too seriously. When he ordered coffee from them they wouldnt share their negative feelings with you. They realized this wasnt a protest. It was just a transaction. But they had a cool  aire to them. Talking to them felt like talking to one of those cool kids who smoked in middle school. Cool kids.

He continued going to that one cafe, but he stopped taking his relationships with the baristas too seriously.