A Summer near Westcity -- 8

Published on Jul 15, 2019

Because the Art Fair is still happening, I decide to spend today doing nothing. I don't even plan on bringing my phone, because then all I'd want to do is check what she is doing in Europe. Instead, I figure what's best for me is to aimlessly walk around listening to my old iPod touch.

The battery's dead, so I plug it in while eating a bowl of peanut butter and banana, but after two bowls, I'm stuck pacing around the apartment until I grow so anxious that I need to take off with a 20 percent charge.
The song selections are from freshman year; the soundtrack to my past life, although it's not that many years away; and that soundtrack now barely means anything, besides acting as a reminder to how naive I was. Listening makes my insides sink, and barely a few minutes into the walk, I remove the earbuds. The sounds of the Art Fair start flooding in, and I feel like I've emerged out, from under water.
Sounds of people. What are they doing? I don't know. What the hell is anyone doing? Why fuck are we all gathered around these things called cities? I stop into a Chipotle an hour later and order a chicken bowl togo with a tortilla shell on the side. While watching the guy wrap the aluminum top over my bowl, I wonder what the hell is he doing here. Why is he spending his time preparing food for people like me. why are you fucking wasting your life?
After devouring the food outside under an umbrella, I throw everything away and head onto campus.