Your network is a multiplier of your abilities

Published on Sep 7, 2020

If you told me what I thought of when you said the word "networking" before I went to college, I would've thought of a guy cringe-ily handing out business cards to everyone he met at an event.

I read this article about the concept of ideas being a multiplier of execution. I believe that your network is a multiplier of your skills.

You can be a rockstar engineer but never know about the interesting opportunities that might fit you best—in most ways, being a great engineer is about building software, not relationships and networks. But when you know people and they know what you care about, those people will reach out to you when they find those kinds of opportunities.

So talk to people that you find interesting, about what you find interesting. And of course, give more than you get. When you find someone that someone else you know would love to talk to, connect them! The world is positive-sum and it makes life way more fun once you internalize that.