Writing on a large site

Published on Aug 27, 2020

As I have written before, I subscribed to "Der Standard" an Austrian newspaper which is published daily. A coworker sent me a link to an online article of them and I found something interesting.

Not only does it seem that the webpage where the articles are published is highly frequent, but also that there is a really large userbase which posts comments.

Then I found a section called "User Blogs". It is a part of the webpage (and forum) where people can post their own stuff. Kinda like here or on medium, but in contrast, you can't just open an account and post. There is a Process you have to go through, just like if you would apply for a job.

Since I have been publishing here for almost 500 days and the recent start of my podcast project, I'm thinking if I should write them a letter and apply for a place. I was planning to bring my podcast episodes into a lengthier and written form anyway.

Now I'm sitting between chairs. Should I try my luck and write to them, or just ditch the idea because I wouldn't be good enough? The only thing I could lose would be the minutes it would take to write the application. Maybe I should just give it a try.