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Apr 19, 2019 21:50:27

zazen (4) between the Earth and the Sky

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(I wanted to keep the count of my Zazen Streak here, yet I keep forgetting. So here we go, today is the 20th day.)

I haven't kept consistent zen practice for years, now, when sitting on the cushion, I feel inadequate and crooked, I continuously struggle to correct... my spine, my shoulders, my neck, my hands... it takes endless scanning and correcting, scanning and correcting... Searching for that "moment", when everything "fits" is actually more less all that I am doing.

But my body has its own memory of zazen, all these years of "scanning and correcting..." are there, silently cumulated in the cells. And so, even though we are far from that feeling of weightless "just being" between the Earth and the Sky, my body shows me the direction.

Dogen Zenji said: "Zazen is first and foremost a holistic body posture, not a state of mind."

It seems it is "a state of mind sitting in the body posture"

Because as 

The breath is a mirror of the mind.


The body is the mirror of the present moment.

And that is the way. 

To sit and breathe, to anchor my mind to the present! 

There is nothing more...

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    @lucjah I don't know why, I can't help thinking that the posture is not that important... I know that it's completely wrong for you. And it's not that I find the Zazen posture useless. I keep hearing this little voice saying "anything goes", but then if anything goes, Zazen goes too... Ok, forgive my little rebellion, I'm going to face the wall now 😝

    PhilH avatar PhilH | Apr 20, 2019 21:18:05
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