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Mar 13, 2019 12:49:39

Your learning curve

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Julia Saxena

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You might not realize it, but you are currently on a path leading you to your next destination. I don't mean physically like you are walking to the next Starbucks with purpose. Rather, you are on the way to the next level in your career, your business, or your hobby. That next level might be in a vertical (climbing up the ladder) or horizontal (trying out something different) direction.

Now, you can decide between two ways to get there. As every progress involves learning, you can choose between a steep and a slow learning curve.  

The slow learning curve might feel more comfortable at first. You aren't taking too much risk. But you are trying to avoid mistakes at all cost, at the expense of learning and progress. Eventually, the learning will catch up. It always does. And you might realize that you've wasted a considerable amount of time. 

The steep learning curve looks scary. You have to be determined to fail fast and be ok with that. That's risky. As a reward, you'll figure out what works for you much sooner, and can start doing more of that. 

You'll probably end up at the same destination, but you can decide how you'll get there.

Which path will you choose? 

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    @juliasaxena Some people ask, "Do you see the glass half full or half empty?" My answer is I take the glass that's half full and pour it into the glass that's half empty so I have a full glass. That's the path I choose. :)

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Mar 13, 2019 05:24:55
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      @brandonwilson Haha awesome!

      Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Mar 14, 2019 14:40:46
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