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Jul 24, 2019 19:54:12

You can do things differently here

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"... if all of these different cultures do things differently, maybe I don't have to go there to do things differently. I can do that here. Then, you start to really question assumptions. And you become, in my experience, more experimental. "

Still remember the "what the hell is water " story?

This time, my point is the older fish's question: how's the water?

How's the water? Can you tell when you're in the water?

I used to be an angry fish.

I accused the water of polluting my blood, limiting my growth, ruining my future.

After getting exhausted with complaints, I start to change myself, because all quotes told me it's an effective way to happiness.

It's hard. Though my mindset changed, there is more confusion other than improvement.

"You're here instead of X (X could be anywhere), it won't work." is my feedback.

Why whiteboard for brainstorm, you're not in MIT.

Why online sharing materials, you're not in google. 

Why read so much, you're not an expert.


But why I could do all those good things only if I go there? 

I don't want to break rules to get what I want, but I realized that so many rules are just made up. 

I can do things differently here, in the same water. 

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    @5plus6 - Same water.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 24, 2019 05:51:05
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