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May 15, 2019 22:55:19

You Better Step Into This Moment

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Nick Simard

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There’s a song called Rejoice, by Steve Angello, that I was listening to recently. Some of the lyrics really resonated with me this time for some reason. It’s where the title of this post comes from.

First, the lyrics in question:

Look at your neighbor and ask them

"Do you have a mind to change?"

Wait for an answer

If they said no, drag them to the altar

Tell them they've got till midnight to get that fixed

They've got till midnight to dump out all jealousy

All pettiness, all unforgiveness, all strife, all malice, all confusion

All blaming other people for your mistakes

You've got till midnight to get rid of every poison

That's hindering you, every inflexibility that's stopping you

From what god is about to pour into your life

War be onto you if you go into another year and

Waste another year with the old mentality

While somebody's in the hospital begging god

For the opportunity that you have right now

You better step into this moment

I’m not big on the religious undertones but even without that I think the message remains the same. Step into your life and make the most of it, because at any point the universe can kick you in the face and take things away.

There are no guarantees that tomorrow will be free from pain, suffering, disaster, heartache, etc. It’s easy to become complacent and take things for granted but what if something happened to you that would forever prevent you from doing something you love, or that ensured you could never achieve your dreams.

Here’s a quote from Brené Brown, whose Netflix special I’d suggest watching. I didn’t know much about her before watching that. This is from her book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead:

“The willingness to show up changes us. It makes us a little braver each time.”

I feel like that goes well with the idea of stepping into the moment. Personally speaking, it does seem to be the case that when I’ve really put myself out there, that some great things came from it.

So, dare greatly and step into that moment!

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    @nicksimard Love it! Great post and thanks for the Netflix suggestion.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 16, 2019 08:55:34
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      @brandonwilson glad you liked it! I enjoyed the Netflix special more than I thought I would.

      Nick Simard avatar Nick Simard | May 18, 2019 09:05:22
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