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Jun 08, 2019 19:44:53

WWDC 2019 - Developer Videos

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WWDC 2019

This year's WWDC was probably the biggest in term of changes for Developers since the unveil of Swift thanks to SwiftUI. It is the future of iOS (iPadOS) and Mac development and even relegates Catalyst (Marzipan) to the background.[^1]

Other big changes for developers (apart from the new cheesegrater) are multiple window support for the iPad, dark mode for iOS and stand alone watch apps.

Videos to watch

I usually only watch a few videos from WWDC due to time constraints, but this year I took a few days to watch most videos.

[The list is not final, I didn't watch all the videos yet. More links coming as I watch them.]

[^1]: And thinking that we were sure Catalyst would be the star of the show…

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