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Jun 25, 2019 21:27:29

WWDC 2018 - Developer Videos

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After watching most videos from 2019 WWDC I went back to the previous years' keynote and tried to make the same list of 'best videos' to watch.

WWDC 2018

These first three are a must every year. Some year the keynote is on a lower tone than another, but overall that's what we came for. Same thing for the state of the union.

The Design Award is not a must, but it is interesting to watch just to take a note at what Apple considers to be the apps that are there to set a trend for the year or that they're using some new SDK features in a neat way.

As for above, these 3 are good to at least skim through to see the most important changes in the frameworks that we use on a daily basis. You might add other sessions on other Apple frameworks you use a lot, like for example Core Data,…

Let me know if I missed some great sessions (I probably did).

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