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Dec 08, 2018 04:19:38

Writing about writing

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Jason Leow

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Day 2 of the #200wad challenge. The always changing list of what I want to write more about.

Meta - writing about writing

✅ Setting intent. Why #200wad?

✅ Making a list of things to write

⬜️ Problems with my writing - how to write more/better/sustainably

2018 recap

✅ #2018recap - why I do it

⬜️ #2018recap - 8 forms of capital recap. What did I achieve?

✅ #2018recap - recap on #1mvp1month

✅ #2018recap - report card on hard metrics, upvotes, revenues/costs$ for #1mvp1month

⬜️ #2018recap - What new things did I learn?

✅ #2018recap - what questions am I asking now?

⬜️ #2018recap - 8 forms of capital to build in 2019

Public Design FAQs

⬜️ Public Design FAQs - hacks & tips as a #publicdesign practitioner. 200 words per hack/tip. Possibility cumulating into an ebook for next #1mvp1month?! This list can expand (a lot)...

Digital nomads

⬜️ Digital nomad work+travel experiences - interesting stories while in Bali, Singapore, Kyoto

⬜️ Digital nomad work+travel experiences - pros and cons, learning points

Maker stuff

⬜️ Lessons from a rookie maker first year in 2018

⬜️ Tips and hacks for no-code makers

⬜️ Where are the makers for social good?

⬜️ Why I changed my one of my profile descriptors from "startup" to "indie maker"

Lifestyle design

⬜️ Talk about experimental approaches to life, trying out new and diverse challenges/experiences, and motivations behind it

⬜️ How to lifestyle design - tips and tools

⬜️ Non-obvious lifehacks that can change your life - 20% effort but 80% benefit


Mindfulness, meditation & spiritual practices

⬜️ The seasons of my spiritual practice

⬜️  Mindfulness in the city

⬜️ How to practice meditation in the train/meeting room/on smartphone

⬜️ Makers and mindfulness

⬜️ "When was the last time you...?" Took a walk in the rain. Read a book for hours in a cafe. Wandered down a unknown street, intentionally.

⬜️ Throwback posts about epiphanies from previous retreats/trips 


⬜️ Short commentary on awesome articles I come across

Photo essays

⬜️ Photo essays inspired by everyday street scenes I witness


⬜️ Stream-of-consciousness writing on anything that's in my head at the moment. A practice of mindfulness and writing.


⬜️ "Overheard today..." - random inspiration from daily life

⬜️ Real life people who inspired me - muses, or words they said that struck me

For those reading this who know me, anything else you feel I should write more about?


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    @jasonleow Love the list. Putting things down like that helps a lot when you're not sure what to write about next

    Valentino Urbano avatar Valentino Urbano | Dec 08, 2018 16:40:48
    • 1

      Thanks @valentino !

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Dec 09, 2018 05:22:57
  • 1

    @jasonleow I have to implement this as a feature: a dead-simple wish list for writing

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 08, 2018 11:36:55
    • 1

      @basilesamel Yes! Like a to-do list yes, with checks you can create/check off easily. Future versions could have labels for prioritisation perhaps? Or scheduled alerts? Or kanban style drag drop?! (Hahah sorry got over-enthusiastic there please ignore)...

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Dec 08, 2018 13:07:02
    • 1

      @jasonleow no that's good stuff man!!!

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 08, 2018 13:33:04
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    @jasonleow that is a lot of things to write till 2019. I've been struggling to think of what to write everyday hahaha. think I should do the same too. List down all the writable contents for a month.

    Gene Lim avatar Gene Lim | Dec 08, 2018 06:18:06
    • 1

      @wernminlim oh that list has no timeline to it. It'll be too much tbh if I have to write everything by 31 Dec 2018 haha. I think lists help when stuck, but as a rule I try to write stuff that I'm feeling for the day, even if it's not on the list.

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Dec 08, 2018 06:40:36
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