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May 18, 2019 19:46:37

Write about Nothing.

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Ghi Arguello

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This Saturday, I used for recovery. I read an article that discussed the benefits of doing nothing.

I thought about it. I was NOT doing nothing. At the same time, I wasn't doing anything.

Know what I mean?

I decided to do nothing. I laid down and covered my eyes to keep the light out. I didn't try to think of anything, nor did I try to not think. I observed but not even paying attention.

I figured I would fall asleep and I did. I didn't worry I'd get too much sleep and be up all night. That doesn't happen much these days and even if I did lie awake, I could use the opportunity to do nothing.

Telling a story about doing nothing, while not quaint or tidy, is a bit of an exercise.

It's like going in for back and biceps day. You're working a particular set of muscles. They may be mostly supporting muscles or structural in utility, but stronger is better than weaker.

I encourage you to write about nothing. Don't do so in a disinterested way. Rather, be curious about the space held by nothing and the understanding required to process it. When you can understand nothing, you can start to understand something.

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    @ghiarguello omg... I love what you write here! Very much! Thanks!
    Doin' nothin' mindfully is really a skill, or maybe even an art... I am better at it when I am "somewhere else", but at home it's more of "avoiding doing something" than real genuine "doing nothing".

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | May 28, 2019 14:11:15
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