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Mar 18, 2019 13:08:48

Working on my muscles(2)

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Still working on my creativity muscle: 
I brainstormed 10 ways to improve my product:

 1 - Interactive Design
Find ways to make the process of using the product interactive.  

2- Usability
Focus on simplicity. Make it easy and intuitive to use.

3- Clean 
A clean and organized feel to increase enthusiasm for using the product. 

4- Content
No fancy phrases so it is possible for users to use it quickly. 
Use consistent wording that reinforces the same message. 

5- Control
Give the users a lot of control over how they use the product. Users should feel like they are making progress without a constant fear of failure. 

6- Feedback to keep users engaged
        i)  Add a section that explains what to expect.
        ii) Add a section that celebrates and acknowledges how far they have come.
       iii) Add sections at each milestone that shows clear acknowledgement and validation. 

7- Samples
Get cost effective samples to users for testing and feedback.

Keep working on the product and message until the purpose and benefit are clear on website, campaigns and users that have the product. 

9 - Reduce anxiety 
Include features that helps people appreciate where they are as they work towards a goal. 

10 - Enable Sharing 
Create social media pages to share accomplishments.  

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    @keni - let us know when you finish #10 - maybe we can help share

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Mar 18, 2019 19:35:07
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      @brianball - Thank you Brian. On it!

      Keni avatar Keni | Mar 18, 2019 23:44:02
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    @keni This in itself is marketing. I Love It. Whoever read this would wanna have the product.

    Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Mar 18, 2019 23:30:59
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      @seunoyebode - :) It is? I was writing it on paper first but decided that it can be a post here if it can be 200 words long. It was an interesting exercise for me to try to brainstorm 10 ideas that I didn't already incorporate into the product. So I researched as though my product was a mobile app to get interesting out-of-the-box suggestions. @brandonwilson was curious so I shared the product details with him... I guess you are right - It is marketing.

      Keni avatar Keni | Mar 18, 2019 18:40:12
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      @keni @seunoyebode It was certainly interesting enough that I wanted to know more about the product.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Mar 18, 2019 18:01:43
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    @keni Tell me more about this product.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Mar 18, 2019 10:57:22
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