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Jan 03, 2019 22:36:22

Winter (1) - I'm Guilty that the Last Time I've Felt Alive Was...

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I’m guilty that the last time I’ve felt alive and excited was the winter I returned to my friend’s funeral. 

If he’d died during school, I might’ve not come back at all for it. It might’ve not been seemed important enough to derail my schedule. I would have viewed the event on Facebook. So that he died after my final exams was sort of a blessing.

I finally had a car by this time, so it was my first time driving back for winter break, instead of being picked up by my parents. 

The day before, I had made a copy of two of my friend’s favorite albums. But the CD player wouldn't work for some reason. I drove home in silence. Usually I can’t stand driving without music, but this time there was so much on my mind that the silence went unnoticed.

After getting off the highway, and turning onto one of the local roads that signaled I was nearly home, I suddenly felt a deep sadness that the drive was already over. During the last couple minutes, I thought of how lively the drive had been. Little did I know that this was just the start to a new phase of my life. A time of feeling alive.

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