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Aug 07, 2019 13:51:44

Why you should check out Reddit

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Vivian Guillen

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I was chatting with @brianball today about community and the human factor. 

I told him that when I'm interested in a software product I check reddit to see what other people say about it. 

And then he threw me this bomb: 

 I am 99.9% NOT on reddit -- should I be?
Seems like an incredible resource -- with incredible time-wasting potential

My immediate response?


It totally depends on how you use it. When I first got on reddit I wasted so much time but I learned to control that, now I use reddit for stuff that I’m REALLY interested about and I want to hear vocal people talk about it.

For example:

  • apple products
  • switch games
  • web development
  • personal finance
  • keto
  • intermittent fasting

Those are the things that are in my β€œfront page” right now, you customize your "front page" to display whatever you want.

I used to just have memes but I outgrew that. 

Theres even a subreddit for long form articles which I love, I have that in my front page too.

I use Reddit to measure the β€œpulse” of the internet.

You want to find out about something important and/or viral, you go check reddit.

You want to hear an educated opinion about something, you go check reddit.

You want to wet you toes in something that you have no idea on even how to start, you go check reddit.

I’m an information addict to reddit fills that need for me.

Go check it out!

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    @vivgui - it's this kind of testimonial that can get people into action. Their fears are addressed ( wasting time ) but also alleviated with -- "but you can control that" -- nice write up.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 07, 2019 11:17:12
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      @brianball thanks :)

      Vivian Guillen avatar Vivian Guillen | Aug 07, 2019 16:49:11
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      @vivgui @brianball

      I'm in full agreement. With vivian. The key is to check the pulse once in awhile... not to become a fitbit.

      Abe avatar Abe | Aug 07, 2019 23:26:27
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      @vivgui - we're only getting started.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 07, 2019 14:32:55
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      @vivgui @abrahamKim - Who knew checking the pulse takes 2 hours.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 07, 2019 14:33:13
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