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Sep 06, 2019 10:28:20

Why I write

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Sandra Deanda

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I started writing and sharing on 200 words a day because I read some of my friends writing on here and thought the concept was really neat.

I like the idea if sharing what I write even when some days writings are better than others. I enjoy reading what other people write and want to contribute to this creative community. 

I like to flex my creative bone and also try to shoot for writing something everyday & meeting that goal. 

Writing the 200 words when I can is very much a daily exercise. Some days I do enjoy writing more than others but I it is just like doing anything creative where you have good days & not so good days.

A big goal that I have in the future is to create a personal story sharing graphic novel. I currently working on an art style for it but I also want to get more comfortable writing and that is the main reason for why I write.

There are so many biographical graphic novels out there that I think should be read. The first one I ever read that struck a cord with me was 'Blankets' by Craig Thompson. He wrote and created the art for that novel. It is not an easy novel to read especially because it contains the subject matter of sexual abuse against children. The way Craig told his story was very down to Earth & humble I guess would be a way to describe it.

The other graphic novels that have greatly inspired me on my journey is American Widow written by Alissa Torres & illustrated by Sungyoon Choi. The novel is about Torres experience losing her loved one on September 11th. It is a very emotion story that in my opinion is something way better to read than all these pandering movies that Hollywood puts out. 

The last graphic novel that I want to mention is Hot Comb by Ebony Flowers. It is a coming-of-age story that gives you glimpses into the lives of black women. The stories were really well written & the illustrations are detailed filled ink works. 

These three novels that I have mentioned are ones that have really inspired me to tell a story. So this is why I write.

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