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Sep 05, 2019 21:55:46

Why I'm Writing

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Brian Ball

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I catch myself having a thought. I try to follow it.

Watching clouds go by. Shapes announce themselves and fade as if moving on; not stopping.

"We're clouds. We're not here forever."

Like my thoughts existing in motion. 

Words. "Try to put us down and we'll wriggle from under your fingers. We change shape as you get more experience. Even if the words on the page stay the same."

Meanings shift. Understanding changes. Pressure is released.

Once you make it through the maze a couple of times, you can tell others. But they don't want to hear it. They need to solve it for themselves to get the experience.

Solving the puzzle. Getting through. A maze ing.

Writing helps you put a thought down -- only to watch it mean something else -- only to come up with a different approach -- only to see it wriggle.

You can edit your writing and title your writing and share your writing. But the effect the writing has on the writer is not the same as on the reader.

How do words manipulate us so? 

Like beats and a melody, they hit us from right and wrong angles and stimulate our neurons to respond. 

Why do I write? Just playing with thoughts here. 

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