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Sep 03, 2019 21:39:07

Why I'm Writing

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Keenen Charles

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I have to. Rarely does a day go by without me writing some number of words. It's catharsis. It's creative. It's a necessity.

I got to enjoy writing in English classes in school. You'd have an essay to write in every exam and it was the one time that school really let you be creative. Eventually I got into writing as a form of release and I wrote so many pieces that I'm sure I'd cringe to read today.

Eventually I wanted my voice to be heard. There are so many thoughts and ideas in my head I needed a way to get it out. Writing was the obvious answer. But despite that long relationship with writing I've always struggled to share it with anyone. It's either too personal or I worried my arguments could be easily disproven.

Some concerted effort got me to worry less. But it still took too long to hit that publish button. Why I'm writing here, 200 words a day, is to fully get over that fear. If you're writing so much, each piece loses the pressure. If it sucks, there'll be another one tomorrow.

Slowly I've been able to be more personal. Write about things that strangers can read that I'd hesitate to share with friends before.

Writing first helped me collect my thoughts. But now it's helping me share them too. So why do I write? I have to.

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