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Sep 02, 2019 15:41:15

Why I’m writing 

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Lyn Erso

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People write for a plethora of reasons. Some more important than other. I write for a variety of reasons. Writing confers many benefits on me, which transcends all areas of my life.

Writing helps me academically, mentally, emotionally to mention a few.  At the core, writing is very therapeutic for me and helps with relieving stress. 

Here are reasons I write:

I write to improve my writing.

I write to learn more.

I write to read more.

I write because I enjoy sharing information.

I write to rant many times.

I write to feel better.

I write because it makes me feel heard.

I write because it feels therapeutic.

I write to unclog my head.

I write to let people into my head.

I write to give a different perspective on academic subjects.

I write with the aim of getting published.

I write because getting published is fulfilling.

I write to share my new found knowledge with friends.

I write to have written opinions that would not fly at school.

I write to relieve stress.

I write because I enjoy it.

I write because I believe I can write.

There are more reasons I cannot think of now, but these are why I write.

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