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Feb 24, 2019 05:03:42

Why don’t we just make it easy?

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Julia Saxena

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Did you ever notice that making something easy is often the hardest thing to do?

Suppose you’re building an app. To make the user experience as seamless and easy as possible takes a lot of effort and planning in the background. The final product though will likely attract more customers than a clunky version of it.

Or imagine you’re writing an article about a complex topic. Breaking it down in a way that everybody will understand can be extremely difficult. Once done, it will likely receive more attention than any other content around this topic.

I’m a huge fan of detailed step-by-step guides which lead me through a complex process. I, and probably countless others, just want something that’s easy to follow and that will help me reach my goal.

I believe that people who are able to make difficult things simple (and are not afraid of the extra work involved) will succeed in today’s world.

We need more people like this, who relentlessly work on simplifying everything around us.

There are still plenty of difficult and complex things left to work on. And as technology advances many topics will be added to the pile.

What would you like to have made easy for you? 

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