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Jul 10, 2019 23:00:06

Why do people pretend?

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Julia Saxena

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I love to observe people and question why they do what they do.

One thing I noticed, mostly in guys actually, is that people like to pretend.

They pretend to be someone they are not. They boast about something that actually didnโ€™t really happen that way. They exaggerate and tell stories that are an only half-truth.

Small lies here and there.

I see it in the family, among friends, and my husbandโ€™s co-workers.

Why, though? Where does this tendency come from? Why do people always try to be a little better than the person theyโ€™re talking to?

I find it super unnecessary. Is it that hard to be honest? Even if that means being a little vulnerable. And showing that youโ€™re just a normal person with flaws just like everyone else.

I think everyone can benefit from sharing openly when something is not working out for you. Nobody has a winning streak all the time. And if someone pretends to always win, it seems fake. Sharing failures leads to greater learning.

That might be scary at first and need a little practice.

I can think of many people for whom this type of behaviour is so ingrained that they would have to make a huge conscious effort to change it. It has become part of who they are so much that they probably believe most of what they say. 

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