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Jun 22, 2019 23:48:00

When the purpose gets lost in the dark

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There is always a time when you completely forgot why you are doing specific routine, habits or anything that you are building up.

Maybe it was some part of our lazy self that tries to tricks on just stop doing it and stop carrying.

What's the point? Why you are doing it? Did you gain something when you are doing it? Come on, just stop these stupid things that you are doing.

Your other half smart and intelligent self need to argue. It needs to search the reason why you are doing it. Sometimes you can't provide the reason why. Sometimes you agree

Yes, you are right.

This battles between your higher self and lower self always get trigger from time to time.

Luckily, I have a few notes on reasons why I'm doing certain things like this writing. During the journey, it gets to lose.

I remember I wrote a post about wu-wei on remembering your purpose and forgot about it and just do. But at some point, you need to read and internalize the purpose so have something you could slap in the face of your lazy self. Trying to skip the streaks of your habit that you've been forming for consecutive days.

If you are eating food daily to prevent get energy for your daily task and activities, You need to feed your as well soul(????). But how? By remembering your purpose. It will serve as the fuel for a long journey.

Starting is 50% of the battle. The other half is sustaining the motivations after the initial spike of trying new things. And make sure you will be able to see things at the very end even if things get boring and monotonous.

P.S. This is just my notes for future self

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    @chrisdeuda .. Chris someone grabs your product name right? https://www.producthunt.com/posts/idea-picker

    Efran avatar Efran | Jun 23, 2019 16:37:07
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      @efran thanks for bringing this to my attention. His apps really nice and seems the name really much the purpose on what he was trying to do. Not really sure what to do about it since I didn't launch my app and I' m not sure If I will still work on it.

      Chris 🤔🇵🇭 avatar Chris 🤔🇵🇭 | Jun 24, 2019 23:45:15
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