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Aug 12, 2019 18:56:43

When is the hosting provider down

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Sure I do not use own server. I have just never felt its really necessary. We have many web hosting providers and I just use a few favorites. It has never happened to me that the all web hosting would go down ... until today.

Unfortunately, both my Nocodemag project and my affiliate site is on it. It's already about an hour.

First I was wondering what is wrong with my site and tried to fix it then I checked my other site and realized it's gonna be probably bigger problem and when I checked the official web of the provider and also didn't work everything started to be clear.

Actually I don't care that much since my projects are pretty small and I believe it's gonna be all right soon (hopefully). Still it pretty sucks.

If I imagine to have there some big e-commerce project and see how every minute I would be missing orders I would be probably pretty mad.

But what about the hosting provider it must be even worse for them.

So much hate everywhere and you know you cannot make it work faster. 

Pretty uncomfortable situation. 

There should be probably some backup. So it's always the providers fault but I can feel with them. 

Still doesn't work. Maybe I am gonna miss my regular post. 

My trust getting down.


Stay with me. Efran.

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