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Apr 06, 2019 20:02:15

When I am 100% of relaxed

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I am grateful to have a chance to be truly and totally relaxed when there is a short holiday with my sister's companion. Only when I am in my best: vigorous, talkative, critic, numerous and never feel tired. In normal condition, such a combination has never occurred.

It's surprising to find the "relaxed version" of myself which is so rare to show off that it's almost a stranger. Maybe it could also be called "holiday version". However, what're the differences between "workday version" and "holiday version"?

First of all, they are not totally opposite since, in both version condition, the person is me all the same, I won't change my basic personality :). So I think the difference is the continuity and stability of being relaxed.

During the workday, assignment and working goals is a long-term situation where being relaxed is only allowed when you are too stressed out to continue the tasks. Short breaks are distributed among busy time such as chatting in the launch, walking to the office, waiting for the elevator. They are discrete points won't accumulate power of release. Only a whole day without interruptions could let the   "relaxed version" released from the trap of "work version".

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